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What makes the Family Trip Special for adults?

Beyond Israel offers a remarkable experience for adults, providing the perfect blend of family bonding and individual exploration. With a well-thought-out program, it caters to both family time and moments for adults to savor Israel independently, while the kids engage in their own exciting adventures. 

The program aims to provide a balanced and authentic portrayal of Israel, combining visits to traditional sites rich in history and significance with immersive interactions with unique aspects of the country. Whether it's walking through ancient cities, visiting sacred landmarks, or delving into the vibrant local culture, every moment is designed to be enriching and enjoyable for all members of the family.​


Adults can relish the opportunity to appreciate Israel at their pace, while knowing that their children are having an equally memorable experience that caters to their interests and passions. Beyond Israel ensures that families create cherished memories together and individually, fostering a deeper connection with the land of Israel.

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