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ABout us

Beyond Israel is a boutique Israel travel group devoted to ease, substance and authenticity.

Designed for those who want to experience
the Israel that lies Beyond the surface.


The Team


The organization is headed by Avi Cohen who has arranged hundreds of Israel programs, most recently for Mount Scopus where he was until his retirement Deputy Principal and Director of Jewish Studies.

Avi Cohen



Mai Gutman

Country Coordinator



The Jewish Journey

The Jewish Journey is a professional travel service dedicated to bringing all Jews to Israel and giving them an educational, meaningful and fun experience. We pride ourselves on personalised service and experiential education.



Beyond Israel views Israel as central to the Jewish experience and endeavours to enhance participants' connection to the country. We hope to achieve this by challenging participants intellectually through exposure to new ideas, personalities and sites.


Beyond Israel is not connected to any organisation, nor does it have a political agenda beyond presenting, as much as possible, a balanced view of Israel. It is a pluralist program that considers all expressions of Judaism as equally valid, and is committed to providing an open and safe environment for all participants irrespective of religious affiliation, political belief, gender and community involvement.


The program provides those who wish to observe the laws of Shabbat and Kashrut the opportunity to do so, yet does not enforce these customs on those who do not.  

Old City Steps


Country Coordinator:

Mai Gutman

+61 433 808 066


Avi Cohen  

+61 407 638 201

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