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  • How active is the program?
    The program is active in nature in that participants will be walking on a daily basis. That said, there will be no major hikes and ample opportunities to take rest breaks throughout the day.
  • Does it matter if I book flights using points/intend to take a different route/arrive before the group?
    This is at the discretion of the individual participant. The only requirement is that you meet the group in Jerusalem for the start of the program. You may choose to return to your country of origin whenever you’d like.
  • Which travel agent does Beyond Israel work with?
    Beyond Israel works alongside Amy Wasbutzki through FBI Travel in Melbourne and Miriam Rosenman through Rose Bay Travel in Sydney. Miriam and Amy are able to arrange individual flights and accommodation as needed and can be contacted at or
  • What kind of shoes should I bring?
    You will need strong comfortable closed shoes for walking. You will also need some smart casual shoes as well as sandals.
  • How many bags should I bring and what size is best?
    We recommend that you pack light. One reasonably sized bag or suitcase as well as a small backpack for daily use should be sufficient. Please note that there will be baggage assistance at all hotels.
  • What do I do about a phone?
    It is essential for practical and security reasons that all participants have a phone with data. You are welcome to use your Australian provider or arrange a sim card via an Israeli company (we will provide a link) which is cheaper but entails you having a separate number. The details of these Israeli providers will be supplied to prospective participants.
  • Do I need travel insurance?
    Beyond Israel provides participants with medical insurance whilst in Israel. It does not however, provide coverage for events relating to the flights to and from Israel or for any loss of personal items whilst in Israel. Therefore it is important that you take out your own travel insurance.
  • How many people will be on the trip?
    The Beyond Israel adult program is limited to 35 participants.
  • How much money do I need to bring for tips and gratuities?
    Gratuities for the driver, guide and hotel porters are included in the total cost of the program.
  • How Jewish is the Experience?
    Beyond Israel is a pluralistic travel experience that welcomes individuals of all religious denominations and affiliations. Whilst the program remains unaffiliated, group meals will be kosher and there will be no bus-based touring on Shabbat.
  • How much of a group experience is this?
    At Beyond Israel we wish to create a sense of community wherein individual travellers can make lasting friendships. We truly believe this will enrich the experience for all participants. That said, there will be ample opportunities for personal exploration throughout the tour, in that many dinners will be left free and Saturday’s will be less-structured. Ultimately, it will be at the discretion of the individual participant whether they wish to attend any component of the tour.
  • How are special dietary needs accommodated?
    Please note any special dietary needs as part of your registration. We will then coordinate with our hotel and restaurant meal providers to arrange special accommodations as necessary. Whilst we make a strong effort to accommodate all food allergies, we cannot make absolute guarantees on behalf of our meal providers.
  • What are passport and visa rules for Israel?
    Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months from the date you arrive in Israel. If your passport expires within this period, please start the renewal process as soon as possible.

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