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Image by Robert Bye


4 months

Semester 1 dates:

February - June 2022

Semester 2 dates:

August- December 2022 

Beyond Israel views Israel as central to the Jewish experience and endeavours to enhance participants' connection to the country. We aim to achieve this by challenging students intellectually and exposing participants to a range of ideas, personalities and sites.

Beyond Israel is not connected to any organization, nor does it have a political agenda beyond presenting, as much as possible, a balanced view of Israel.


We are a pluralist program that considers all expressions of Judaism as equally valid. 


We are committed to providing an open and safe environment for all participants irrespective of religious affiliation, political belief, gender and community involvement.


In order to establish mutual respect between participants, the program provides those who wish to observe the laws of Shabbat and Kashrut the opportunity to do so, yet does not enforce these laws on those who do not.


program overview

Hashomer Hachadash


Northern Exposure

Shvil Yisrael

Israel Innovation Program

An agricultural experience where participants make a real difference by actively cultivating the land of Israel. 


The Seminar component comprises of 5 separate elements which will occur each week of the seminar unit.

An amazing adventure based in the mystical city of Tzfat​…

awe-inspiring hikes, ​volunteering, workshops, local Israel music and more.

A scenic hiking and cycling adventure, spanning sections of the world-renowned trail that extends from the top to the bottom of Israel. 

On the shore of the Kinneret explore Israeli Innovation and develop your own.

Jewish Learning and Experiences

Jewish learning is central to Beyond Israel and will be interspersed throughout the program.

Leadership Training

Top leadership training in collaboration with the World Union of Jewish Students.

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